The only way to predict the future is to create it.

who I am 


I am dedicated to helping people build their capacity.  As a former superintendent, curriculum director, principal and teacher, I worked daily to ensure that learning occurred for my students and my colleagues.  I have worked state-wide, nationally, and internationally to share my experiences to help people and organizations grow into who/what they desire to be.

More information about me:

School Leadership:

  • Superintendent - 7 years
  • Curriculum director - 10 years
  • Principal - 3 years
  • Assistant principal - 2 years
  • Teacher - 6 years

Policy Leadership:

  • Co-chair of the Iowa Legislative Task Force on Competency-Based Education
  • Member of the Iowa Teacher Leadership and Compensation statewide support network

Coaching / Consulting:

  • Administrator and teacher mentoring/coaching for over ten years
  • Association consulting for over three years 

I believe strongly in unlocking the potential of people.  We can, and should, be more.  Every day, we have the opportunity to grow.  Some have the plan, some have the motivation, some have the skills.  My joy is working with you to ensure learning and growth happen.

My approach

Educational Consulting / coaching